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    Where does the NFL go from here?Are fans and the general public doing the right thing via creative protest?”WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections InterviewsNew Orleans Saints SatireWho Dat HistoryCanal Street Chronicles TutorialIt wasn’t “one of” the biggest missed calls in NFL history it was “The” biggest missed call.So what next?New Eli Apple Jersey Stitched ,71commentsWhere does the NFL go from here?Are fans and the general public doing the right thing via creative protest?CSTShareTweetShareShareIt wasn’t “one of” the biggest missed calls in NFL history it was “The” biggest missed call.So what next?Evening People,Its been a while since I’ve said something of substance and so I thought it necessary to provide some solid reading material and therapy for anyone (not just Saints fans) that feels or felt slighted by last weekend’s debauchery.First let me say this鈥?I get it, we get it!The Saints had multiple chances to win the game last week. From scoring touchdowns instead of field goals early in the contest to better execution from Drew on what should have been a walk in TD by Michael Thomas on 1st and 10 at the Rams 13 yard line with 1:58 left in the 4th.I’m objective as they come but here’s the truth鈥o one wants to hear that ****. It’s a bowl of feces and fruit-loops and none of us are keen on digesting it.If you want to point out that the Saints were in position to win then you must point out that without those failed missed calls the Rams were in position to lose.Fact – The rams benefited from the missed hands to the face on the Drew Brees INTFact – The Rams benefited from the missed holding call on Ted Ginn Jr.Sure, the refs were letting them play all game and both teams benefited from this but that’s the way games should be played. The above “no calls” were just subtle enough to take away from the Saints at pivotal moments and add to the Rams cause鈥ut they weren’t egregious.However, the blatant (and yes I’m using blatant now that one of the ref’s says he “hasn’t seen the play” despite evidence of him staring at the play) missed call is sure to add fuel to the fire of the “NFL is rigged” voices.You can lie, but you cannot hide from the internet.Still, I’m not here to further that narrative. What I’m here to tell you is despite how people are perceiving (that’s such an important word) the outrage, keep voicing your displeasure. While I may not agree with some of the avenues (music videos and law suits) I applaud the energy being put into it because it makes a difference and don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t.It’s all necessary to usher in change, which is the ultimate goal Youth Austin Carr Jersey , and the best-case scenario (not a rematch).With that being said this is bigger than the New Orleans Saints and its fan base. This is speaking out about the integrity of the game being in jeopardy because subtlety wasn’t the preferred cup of tea with 1:48 seconds left in regulation.IntegrityThat word has been thrown around a lot in recent days. From Ms Rita Benson to Terrell Owens and now Benjamin Watson – a well respected player in the league who’s words tend to carry weight.Let’s take a brief look at the definition along with some synonyms.Whether you like conspiracy theories or not that crowd certainly has the ammo to argue their point quite loudly following a questioning of the ethics, fairness, truthfulness and honor of the shield.Ask yourselves this,If the league felt compelled to approach Sean Payton right after the game and admit they blew it why not provide the same solace to the public?Why did the league have a statement prepared then suddenly decide they wouldn’t release it?Regardless of if the NFL is rigged or not sometimes it’s not always about what it is, but how it looks and right now it looks like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are leaving for WCW, and Sean Michaels along with HHH broke kayfabe to bid them farewell.So seriously what’s next?Well, back when Madden was at it’s peak it had the NFL 2K series for competition. Then EA bought the exclusive NFL license and proceeded to release roster updates to everyone for the last 14 years. Much like the Madden franchise the NFL has had no incentive to truly improve its product because if you like football, who else are you going to watch?That’s about to change with the AAF and XFL as either of those leagues could surface as a legitimate rival in the coming years.There’s also the addition of legalized gambling that could make an impact. Already because of that blown call one company refunded the money of anyone that bet on the Saints that game. Those businesses can’t afford (neither the NFL for that matter) things like this happening and that could also apply pressure to the NFL.What about the collective bargaining agreement in a few years?Players are extremely displeased and there is almost guaranteed to be a lockout/strike in 2021.Not many have spoken out publicly about the missed call outside of Benjamin Watson and a few former players, but I can assure you they aren’t particularly happy.So Austin Carr Jersey Stitched , if you are out there complaining, voicing your opinion, signing petitions, and taking action in any way, please continue doing it. In the grand scheme those things might seem small but you never know which tiny snowball starts the huge avalanche.Who Dat! Week 17 typically plays out as one of the more bizarre weeks in the NFL with some intense playoff battles, some teams giving up early and others resting their stars to get a look at some younger talent.Because of this, most season-long fantasy championships are held during Week 16 and some of the biggest daily fantasy tournaments will conclude with “main event” prize pools this week, but savvy fantasy players should still be on the lookout for traps similar to the last week of the season.Last week, the Jacksonville Jaguars gave star tailback Leonard Fournette 10 carries in the first half before giving him just one in the second half to get a longer look at backup David Williams. The Arizona Cardinals gave Chase Edmonds 38 percent of snaps and the Denver Broncos have been leaning heavily on a trio of young wideouts — DaeSean Hamilton Youth Benjamin Watson Jersey , Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick.DFS players targeting teams out of contention should be particularly wary when considering veteran players. Luckily, there are several teams with plenty on the line this week that we can look to target for daily contests.COWBOYS-BUCCANEERSDallas is a 7 1/2 -point home favorite against Tampa Bay in a game where the Cowboys control their playoff fate while the Bucs have long been out of contention. The Bucs have a bottom 10 defense from a fantasy perspective against every position, and it is a strong spot to target quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, who both are ranked inside the top 5 of DailyRoto’s Week 16 value ratings. Prescott and Elliott make for a solid cash game foundation, and Prescott can also be paired up with either Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup in tournaments. While the Bucs are projected to be trailing, their offense still ranks first in the NFL in total passing yards, and they’ll need to lean heavily on the passing attack. DailyRoto likes both Chris Godwin and Adam Humphries to command more than 20 percent of the targets, particularly if DeSean Jackson were to be limited or remain out.STEELERS-SAINTSPittsburgh travels to New Orleans to play in the Superdome, fondly referred to as “The Coors Field of the NFL” in daily fantasy sports after the high-scoring Colorado Rockies baseball stadium. This game will rightfully be a popular target in both cash games and tournaments Benjamin Watson Jersey Stitched , and with a 53 1/2-point total it is projected by Vegas to be the highest scoring game on the main slate. The big news fantasy owners are waiting on is the status of Steelers running back James Conner, who will likely be a game-time decision for the second consecutive week. His availability will impact the viability of Jaylen Samuels (just $6,700 on FanDuel) in tournaments.Look for JuJu Smith-Schuster to lead the way for the Steelers receivers. He has drawn 48 targets over the previous four weeks compared with 40 for Antonio Brown. At a cheaper price tag than Brown, Smith-Schuster could also command lower ownership from people looking at last week’s box score and seeing Brown’s touchdown. The Saints have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers and this is a prime spot.It’s also a bounceback chance for New Orleans, who will look to rebound after scoring only 50 points on their recent three-game road trip. Drew Brees has averaged over 300 yards passing at home over the previous two seasons, and pairing him up with PPR options Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas is a viable option as the Saints look to clinch home field advantage throughout the entire playoffs.

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