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    Velocity Trim Keto It is as if there is something unknown that blocks our metabolism , which prevents us from losing weight and how much we would like. Apart from avoiding making some small mistakes such as, for example, not reading food labels (did you know that some light or fat-free formulas, to compensate for the taste, are rich in added sugars?) Or giving up snack time mid-afternoon, a yiogurt or dried fruit, allows us not to get too hungry for dinner) never as in this case the choice of appropriate foods becomes fundamental . In nature, in fact, there are some booster foods , which activate the fat burning mechanisms of our body , awakening a dormant metabolism. In short, incredible, but true. Go ahead for ginger, curcuma, guarana, red pepper and spices . But also berries, almonds and, hear hear, chocolate (as long as it is bitter, but this is only a detail). These are just some of those useful foods for our body to better metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Why are these foods essential? “First and foremost – explains Dr. Elena Casiraghi , a specialist in nutrition and sports integration and head of the Enervit Nutrition Center – for Sport and Wellness in Milan – all foods rich in antioxidants also accelerate metabolism while keeping our bodies healthy. This happens thanks to the activation by the antioxidants contained in some foods, of a particular enzyme (AMP-Kinasi, also called “life enzyme”) which has the ability to increase the energy production by the cells of the body.” But what are those foods that naturally accelerate the fat-burning mechanisms of our body, helping it to transform food into energy rather than fat ? ¬ęTo be sure of taking a good amount of antioxidants and therefore of foods that accelerate the metabolism – continues Dr. Casiraghi – it is essential to have a colored diet . The color of foods, in nature, is characteristic of the presence of antioxidants. “Have you just given birth, but just can’t get rid of those extra pounds you took during pregnancy? Here are 10 great tips to lose weight from WebMd magazine.

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